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Sparkle your way to your woman’s heart with precious diamonds. Distinctive Diamonds, a diamond retailer with wholesale prices to the public, shines among other Indianapolis jewelers with their standard for quality, excellence, value and diamond education.

They’ll help you make that someone special feel even more special with their collection of diamonds. Distinctive Diamonds has a greater selection by far than other jewelers Indianapolis has; on top of that they offer their diamonds at wholesale prices. This is because they sell diamonds to customers at the same prices that jewelry stores pay.

Distinctive Diamonds – Jewelers Indianapolis, IN

Distinctive Diamonds offers you a different way to buy diamonds and jewelry in Indianapolis. Unlike the other jewelers Indianapolis, IN has, Distinctive Diamonds boasts one of the largest privately owned diamond inventories in the Midwest. Their goal is to provide the best value for your money, that’s why they reveal the trade secrets of the industry. Their diamond experts show you how diamonds are priced around the world through the Diamond Rapaport Report. Through the report, you’ll see the difference in their prices and those of other Indianapolis jewelers and easily determine how much more you can save with Distinctive Diamonds.

Because of this, they highly recommend you visit their newly expanded show room and see all that they have to offer. Distinctive Diamonds is delighted to be participants in creating that “special diamond moment” for many happy couples in Indiana as well as surrounding states. They want to make acquiring the most beautiful diamond at the absolute best price a breeze.

Your girl deserves the best diamonds you can find. Look no further among Indianapolis jewelers; visit Distinctive Diamonds and get the gem that your special someone will cherish forever. We don’t just sell diamonds. We help you get them at the price and quality that other jewelers can’t offer.

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When it comes to educating the customer Distinctive Diamonds does something very atypical. Our non-commissioned diamond experts reveal the Rapaport Diamond Report, the closely guarded wholesale pricing sheet of the diamond industry, and show you how diamonds are priced around the world. Much like the auto industry’s Blue Book, the Rapaport Diamond Report is a key to jewelers all over the world in pricing their diamonds. It is generally not a practice for the retailer to share it with customers. At Distinctive Diamonds we actually show you how the particular diamond you are shopping for is priced in other retail stores… then we show you OUR price

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